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Badboy Stepmother beats stepson

Stunning long blonde hair stepmother beats up stroppy stepson

   Read only if you are considered an adult in your country and  do not mind reading sometimes violent erotica

Ever since he's father remarried, Jim's life had been hell. In the 3 years him and his father were alone after his mother died, things were great. They spent a lot of time together. Then, 6 months ago his father met Julia. Yes she was stunning- long blonde hair, long legs and a killer smile, but he had to stand down and see his father spend more and more time with her.

He'd spend more and more nights alone. His dad wasn't around anymore and he hated her for that. It got to the stage where he'd treat her like she hardly existed - not greeting her, talking about her like she wasn't there. Whenever she asked him to do something, he'd just ignore her.

One weekend his father had to go on a business trip. Jim wasn't looking forward to it, as he'd have to spend time alone with Julia. He decided that he'd use it to his advantage, showing her once again just how little respect he had for her. He had invited a couple of friends over for a bash. He made sure there was enough hi-fi equipment around to lift the roof - and irritate Julia.

At 10pm the party was in full swing. Julia was upstairs in the bedroom. Jim had the music turned up, waiting for her to come down and complain. He was going to show all his friends just how to handle a nagging old bitch !

At around 11pm it happened. He saw her coming down the stairs in her gown and slippers. "Hey, guys. Check this out" he smiled. She walked up to him. "Listen Jim, it's late and I've got a stack of meetings in the morning. Would you mind turning that down a little?" she asked. Jim sat back in his chair and took another swig from his beer.

She walked over to the hi-fi. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Jim shouted as he got up. "You're not my mother. I don't have to listen to you!". He turned to his friends and laughed.

"No, you don't have to listen to me. But I can make you" Julia said, turning to face him.

"What ? Going to pull me over your knee and give me a hiding?" Jim taunted her. "No." she answered calmly. "You're too old for that. But I can give you a hiding you'd understand."

Jim was confused. "What the fuck are you talking about?" he asked, almost spitting in her face.

"You think you're a big strong, tough boy, don't you Jim?" She asked, pressing her index finger firmly against his chest.

"Do you think you're man enough for me?" she asked with a smile.

"What?" Jim asked. He was a little startled. This was not the kind of reaction he'd expected from her. He was going to humiliate her in front of his friends. "Come on Jim. You aren't afraid of me, are you?" she teased. "Get the fuck out of my face, bitch!" Jim shouted. He turned to his friends and laughed, trying to get some support from them.

As he looked back at her, he felt the stinging pain as she slapped him hard on the side of the face. He spun around and landed face down on the carpet. Seconds later he was able to turn onto his back. All his friends had backed away.

Only Julia was standing nearby. He looked at her, trying to get his eyes to focus. Julia had removed her gown. She was dressed in a silky blue bra and g-string panties. She stood there, on her toes, hands in her hips. Her long blonde hair let down.

"Well, Jim? Ready to take me on?". She asked, all smiles.

Jim was shocked. That was the last thing he had expected. He got to his feet slowly, having to steady himself against
the backrest of a chair. He had barely recovered when she sent him down again, this time with a solid punch to his gut.

Jim dropped to his knees like a bag of dirt. Julia followed up with a cruel knee to the side of the face and Jim landed on his back again. Taking charge, Julia grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet.

"So, big boy. What's it gonna be? You going to listen to me now or shall I continue with your punishment?" Jim
felt ashamed. All his friends were there, seeing how his step-mother was beating the crap out of him. But
he wasn't about to let her get away with it.

He grabbed both her wrists and started to pull her hands away from his head. Instead of resisting him, she unexpectedly pull her hands away from him. Jim wasn't expecting her to do that and lost his balance, falling
towards her. He put one leg out in front of him to try and keep his balance. Her foot shot out and swept the leg from under him. Jim landed on the floor again.

By now his friends were enjoying the spectacle. A lot of them had been bullied by Jim in the past and they enjoyed watching him get some of his own.

Julia took two steps back and waited for him to get up. Jim got up slowly. Turning to face her, he noticed that she had her one foot off the ground. She was swinging it back and forth slowly, smiling at him. "I'm warning you Jim. You don't stand a chance. I'm a black belt, you know." she said.

"Yeah, sure. And I'm Santa" he replied, charging at her. He was about an arm length away from her when he felt her foot slamming into his gut. He doubled up, totally winded. Julia followed up with a kick to his face, sending him stumbling back. She moved closer, spun around on one foot and landed another kick to his head following with another punch to the stomach.

Jim dropped to his knees once more, blood flowing from his nose and tears starting down his cheeks. Showing no mercy Julia stepped up to him. Pulling him by his arm, she lifted him and threw him over her hip. Jim landed hard, shocked by the rough treatment he was getting. "Get up, Jim. Fight like a man." she taunted him.

His whole body was aching from the punishment she'd been giving him. But he couldn't let her get the better of him with his friends watching. He had to get up and face the bitch, no matter what. He staggered to his feet, trying to hide the pain he was feeling.

He couldn't believe that a woman, an older woman was doing this to him, a strong young man.

"OK bitch. You asked for this." he sneered as he lifted his fists. "Oooh. I'm so scared..." she said. With lighting speed her foot came up out of nowhere and landed hard on his mouth. She followed with a kick to his mid-section, doubling him up and setting him up for another kick to the face. Blood was streaming from his mouth and nose as he crashed into the wall. She stepped up to. Spinning on her left foot, she lifted her right leg and placed her foot on his throat, pinning him to the wall.

She was choking him with her foot. He tried to speak, but his voice was reduced to grunts and groans. She removed her foot from his throat, but before he could move, her foot slapped across his face twice, blood from his
mouth now decorating the wall. Placing her foot in his gut, she grabbed him by the front of his shirt and fell backwards, flipping him over her. Jim landed with a thud.

It took him a good few minutes to recover. When he did, Julia was sitting on a chair, looking very relaxed, running her fingers through her hair. He was battered and bruised and she wasn't even breathing hard. God, how he hated her. The fucking bitch was humiliating him in front of his friends. "No more!" he shouted. Thinking that she was
vulnerable where she was sitting he, went at her.

He was mistaken. She waited untill he was right in front of her. Suddenly her one foot hooked behind his calf, her other kicking out and hit the inside of his knee. His leg gave way immediately, causing him to fall down in front of her. She quickly placed her legs on his shoulders and hooked her feet. She arched her back as she started to squeeze any will to fight from his body.

He tried with all his might to escape her killer thighs, but to no avail. Her legs were way too strong for him. "No use, Jim boy. These legs have had years of training. Nothing you could match." she said. She decided that he'd had enough when his face started turning red and released him from her grip. Placing her foot under his chin she lifted his limp head. Her other foot flashed at his face, slapping his face first from one side, then the other.

She repeated this a few times and then let him drop limply to the floor....again.

When Jim recovered, he was in no condition to fight anymore. Getting to his feet, he raised his arms in an attempt to stop the punishment. Julia would have none of it. Her leg came up, her foot driving through his arms and landed hard in his face. Jim staggered, completely dazed. She moved in and grabbed him by the shirt. Turning sideways, she lifted him off his feet and threw him down hard onto his back. Lifting him again, she positioned him with his back to the wall. Stepping back, she spun around, landing the sole of her foot on the side of his head. Jim spun around like a rag doll and started to slide down to the floor.

Julia grabbed him by his now bloodied shirt and steadied him again. "What's wrong, Jimmy? Can't stay on your feet anymore ?" she teased. Again she stepped back, this time doing the splits in front of him, the muscles in her legs bulging as she went down. Her fist was a blur as she hit him hard on the inside of his thigh, driving his leg from under him. As he came crashing down, she lifted him right off his feet with a killer uppercut. Jim's head crashed back against the wall.

When he regained concousness, he was alone. The lights were out and all his friends were gone. He staggered to his feet, steadying himself against the wall as he stumbled his way up the stairs to his room. As he opened his door he heard Julia's voice..."We'll continue our conversation in the morning, big boy"......





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