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Cautionary tale small boy with large appendage gets in trouble

  Only 5 foot tall but well endowed and horny his mum and sisters give him a real experience

   Read only if you are considered an adult in your country and  do not mind reading sometimes violent erotica

This is my story. If you stroke your cock in the wrong places all kinds of shit can happen. I hope all you young boys out there take this to heart.

I was a normal kid, with one exception. Although I was probably only about 5 feet tall at the time my cock had reached its full grown size. I was almost 7” hard, which I soon realized was huge for my age.
Once I figured out jerking off I did it. A lot. I liked to be naked when I did it. Finding opportunities to strip and jerk off was always a problem. I finally settled on two spots. If the weather was good I would go out in the woods at the edge of my neighbourhood. The other spot was my bedroom. My brother and I shared a bedroom with bunk beds. I had the top bunk. If I knew he was out of the house I would get some toilet paper from the bathroom, strip, get on my bed and jerk myself silly. I already knew by now that stroking my body, especially my balls and nipples with my free hand made it feel so much better. I also had figured out that after the first cum, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th times could last a long time.

I got up early one morning. On my way to the bathroom I glanced into my sisters’ bedroom. Both sisters were still asleep. My youngest sister Lorrie, who was about ten, was laying on top of the covers (it had been hot all night long). Her little nightdress was bunched up. I could see that she had no panties. I could see her little tanned legs and little white butt. I stood there and looked as long as I dared. It was such a turn on that I knew I would be jerking for hours when I got the chance.

I was horny all morning. Finally, my dad offered to take me and my brother fishing. Here was my chance! I made some excuse and my dad and brother left. My mom and two sisters were home. The two sisters were outside playing. Mom spotted me coming out of the bathroom with the wad of toilet paper. I was so dumb I didn’t think twice about it. I stripped, jumped up on my bunk, leaned back against the pillows and started playing with myself. I had been at it about 2 minutes when the door opened and in walked Mom. I had my cock in my right hand and my balls in my left. I was too shocked to even cover up.

“Hi Mitch. Here, you can help me make the beds.”

“Jeez, Mom, can’t you see I’m busy!” What a stupid thing to say.

“Yes honey I can see that. You have a very nice cock. Help me with this and you can finish playing with it when we’re done.”

I was absolutely humiliated. My mom made me help her make our bunk beds. Then, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into my sisters’ room to make their beds too. I tried to stay covered up with my hands but of course I couldn’t. My cock stayed rock hard. Mom was constantly looking at it. I gave up trying to hide it and just let it swing out there in the breeze while we tucked in the sheets. Then she made me help pick up my sisters’ toys and put away their clean laundry. She kept finding reasons to touch me. I was going a little nuts with the feelings of arousal and humiliation. Finally we were done.

“Thanks for helping sweetie. Here, come with me and I’ll help you make yourself cum.”

I freaked out a little when she said that. Mom grabbed my hand and led me into our living room. She had me sit at one end the couch and then sat down right next to me.

“Swing yourself around so you’re laying down, Mitch.” I shifted around so I was leaning against the pillows at the end of the couch. Mom took my left leg and swung it up behind her on the back of the couch. She trapped my right leg under her legs so I was spread out beside her. I laid there, Terrified to do anything. After a while, Mom wrapped one hand around my cock and started stroking. With her other hand she started pinching the skin on my balls with her long fingernails. The feeling was amazing. “I know this is what you were doing, isn’t it Mitch.”

“Yes, Mom.”

She let go of my cock and balls. “Okay, then. Do it.”

“I can’t! What about the girls?”

“Honey, don’t worry about them. If they come in I’ll handle them.”

“But Mom, I’ll make a big mess. This stuff squirts out when I’m done. I need to go get some paper.”

“Stop stalling young man. I know what happens. It’s called cum, and when it shoots out it’s called cumming. Just point your cock at my legs when you’re ready to squirt your cum. I’ll show you how to clean it up after.”

This is where I need to describe my mom. My friends and I would rate all the women and girls in the neighbourhood. They all agreed that Mom was one of the hottest ones, but everyone was scared of her. There was something about her that radiated authority that the other grown women in the neighbourhood didn’t have. She was a brunette in her early thirties. She would get this amazing dark tan. She had long brown legs, and a flat belly. Like the other hot moms in the neighbourhood, she was constantly in short skirts or shorts and halter tops in the summer. Today she was wearing a denim miniskirt and a checked halter. She had let go of my cock and balls, but she still had her left hand on my hip, right next to my cock. With her right arm she hugged my left leg against her cheek. Her legs were crossed, so I could see these beautiful brown thighs in front of me. A picture immediately flashed into my head of my cum pooling on those legs. I wanted to see it for real so bad, but I was still scared to start. Then mom leaned forward and kissed me. My first open mouth kiss! After a bit I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth. I was so turned on! I closed my eyes, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer. My left leg was trapped between us, but that only made me more excited. It seemed to go on forever. Finally she broke the kiss and pulled back a little.

“Mommy wants to see what you can do, sweetie. Are you going to do this for me?”

That was all it took. “Oh yes Mom,” I moaned. I grabbed my cock. It only took about two strokes, after an entire morning of frustrated arousal. I pointed it down at her legs and started shooting sperm. I could see it splashing on her legs and her arm. It was a huge load. God it was awesome. My orgasm was so intense that for the first time ever I cried out when I came. Finally it ended. I sagged back against the pillows. The feeling of humiliation came back, but then Mom started kissing me again.

“Oh sweetie that was beautiful! My beautiful grown up little man. Okay now, I want you to clean up your mess and then I’ll help you do it again.”

“Yes mom. I’ll go get some paper.”

“No sweetie. Here’s what I want you to do.” She milked the last of my sperm from my cock and scooped it up. Then she licked some of it off her fingers. I could not believe that she was putting it in her mouth! She made a big deal about swallowing so I could see her do it, then she smiled at me. “Honey, your cum is so yummy. Now I want you to eat the rest.” She held her fingers against my lips. I could smell my cum on them.

“Open wide sweetie. Suck your cum off my fingers.” I couldn’t help myself. I opened my mouth and she slid her fingers in. There wasn’t much there, but what was there was salty and tangy. I wouldn’t have called it yummy, but it was definitely okay. The only problem was that I was eating my own sperm. I had no idea why, but it felt like the wrong thing to do.

“Okay honey, now I want you to get down between my legs and lick up all the rest of your cum.”
“Mom, I don’t want to. Let me get some paper.”

Mom circled by balls with one hand and pulled them away from my body. With her other palm she smacked them. Not hard, but enough for me to feel the pain.

“You do what you’re told, young man.”

I got down off the couch and knelt on the carpet between her spread legs. Her legs were gorgeous. I put my hands on her knees. Her skin was amazingly soft. I noticed that the insides of her thighs were a lighter brown than the rest. There was cum on the top of her right thigh, but by far the most was starting to drip down the inside of her left leg.

“Get started Mitch. If any of your sperm drips on the couch I will make you very sorry.”

I started to lick cum off her leg. From the first little sample I knew what it would taste like, but now I noticed how slimy it was. Still, it was worth it just to be between those legs. I loved the way her skin felt and tasted as I licked and kissed it. I could see her panties. Mom was stroking my back and telling me what a good boy I was. I loved it. I was sorry when I was done. I looked up at Mom’s face. She was smiling at me. Then I saw that there was still some cum on her arm. It had started to dry. I licked it off too. Mom reached down and started stroking my still hard cock. I groaned.

“You’re ready again, aren’t you honey.” I started kissing her. This time I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She sucked it. I stroked her legs while she stroked my cock. As I neared my second orgasm I started to move my hips. Mom let go of my cock and squeezed my balls. I opened my eyes to see her looking at me. She broke off the kiss.

“Honey, it doesn’t work that way. I’ll help you, but you have to make it squirt yourself. Okay? Stay here.” She got up and went into the kitchen. She came back with a package of shoelaces. She sat back down on the couch.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” She tied my wrists together with one of the laces. “Now stand up and face me.”

With one end of the other lace she tied a tight loop around the base of my balls. “Now you’re like a little puppy on a leash.” She pulled down on the leash. As soon as I started to bend my knees to relieve the strain she pulled straight up. I had to get up on my toes. Then she got up and led me around the room. She led me into the kitchen. She tied the cord around the kitchen coat rack so I had to teeter on my toes, and then left me there to go outside. I could see and hear her talking to my sisters through the open screen door. Finally she came back in and led me back to the living room. Back at the couch, she sat down and pulled the lace towards her. My legs were straddling hers and my hips were moving towards her. She opened her mouth and took my cock between her lips. She was looking up into my eyes while she did it. She slowly worked it all the way in. I could see and feel her gagging as it went down her throat. She closed her eyes and moaned a little. I started to move my hips as another orgasm built up. Then she bit down hard on the base of my cock and started grinding her teeth. She opened her eyes to watch me. I tried to pull out but I couldn’t. She was gagging but she wouldn’t let go. Finally, she did. My cock came out covered in spit. There were bright red tooth marks around the base.

“Sweetie you were about to squirt your cum into my mouth and I had to stop you. I told you that I won’t do that. Now put it in my mouth again, but do not squirt, or I’ll bite it clear off. Here, let me do this first.” With the other end of the lace she tied a tight loop around the base of my cock. It hurt like hell because it was right at the bite marks. My cock swelled even more and turned an angry purple.

“Now, whatever happens honey, don’t move. I want it in my mouth while I do this. But I won’t warn you again. Don’t cum.” I didn’t know what ‘this’ was, but it didn’t matter. I knew I wasn’t going to try and fight. She slipped her head up inside the loop of cord that went between my cock and balls. Then, she took up all the slack by wrapping it around the base of my cock and tying it off. The cord was tight against the back of her neck. With one hand she pulled back on my balls and tipped her head back as far as she could. Then, by bending my cock painfully, she managed to slip the tip into her mouth. The rest slid right in. Now, I couldn’t pull out if I wanted to. She was looking up at me. I could see her squirming, and then I realized that she was reaching up her skirt and pulling off her panties. She slid them down her legs and bunched them up. She held them up and pushed them against my lips. They were blue cotton, they were damp and I could smell her. I opened up and she pushed them in.

She worked her legs so they were outside mine. Then her right hand went down between her legs. She immediately closed her eyes and moaned around my cock. Jesus I wished I could see what was happening. I had always figured that girls had a way to jerk off too but I had no idea how. Her left hand went into her halter top and she started playing with her nipple. Then she reached behind her neck with both hands and untied the top. I could see that the fingers of her right hand were wet. She had amazing tanned breasts with hard puckered nipples. Somehow she was sunbathing topless. To this day I don’t know how she was doing that. She pinched both nipples hard with her fingernails. Then her right hand went back between her legs.

I’m sure I stood there for at least 15 minutes while my mom pleasured herself. Her left hand pinched her nipples or my balls, but her right hand never came out from between her legs. I never saw exactly what was happening under her skirt. She would open her eyes and look at me, then close them again. She kept my cock down her throat as much as she could, breathing through her nose, but occasionally she had to pull back a little and take long gasping breaths or swallow spit. She had this wild look in her eyes that was amazing. After about 5 minutes she reached her left arm around me hips and pulled me to her. Her breasts pressed against my thighs. She bit down on my cock and her whole body started to shake. She stared at me with wide open eyes. She was making incredible noises around my cock. I could tell that it was really important that I watch her orgasm. She came for a long time, way longer than me. Finally she relaxed a little. She closed her eyes and pulled her mouth back so she could breathe, but her body was still moving around. Within a minute her eyes snapped open and she gobbled my cock back up. She was coming again. She had a string of multiple orgasms. Finally she was done. She worked my cock out of her mouth. It looked huge and purple and it was covered in spit and bite marks.

“Honey that was beautiful. Now I need you to help me clean up.” She pulled the panties out of my mouth, then stuck the soaking wet fingers of her right hand in. The smell and taste of my mom was amazing. She kept sticking her hand between her legs and bringing back more for me to eat. Her head was still trapped in my crotch and she was licking and nibbling on my cock and balls the whole time. She had the shaft of my cock sideways in between her teeth like an ear of corn. She bit down and came again.

“That last one was a nice surprise. We better stop though or we’re going to get caught.” She slipped her panties back on. Then she untied enough of the shoelace so she could slip her head out. The base of my cock was still tied off, along with my balls.

“Here sweetie, lay down on the floor and rest for a bit while I check on your sisters. Then I’ll teach you a nice little trick that will help you squirt again, even with your hands tied.” She helped my down onto my back. She was kneeling at the top of my head. I could look up at her breasts. Then she took the cord and pulled so that my hips and legs were up over my face. I had to spread my legs so they were on either side of her. I was looking straight up at my cock and balls. Suddenly I knew what the trick was going to be. I opened my mouth and let my body shift so that the head of my cock went in. I watched my mom watch me. She scooted down so her face was right next to mine. Somehow she managed to kiss me around my cock.

“Oh you are a good, good young man. I saw a picture once of a man that could put his cock in his mouth. When I saw yours I knew you could do it too. Here, let me help you a little.” She pushed down on my ass so she could slip the loop over my head. Now I was trapped just like she was before. There was about two inches of cock in my mouth. I could smell my mom’s saliva. Then the kitchen door opened.

“Shit,” my mom said. “Girls, is that you?”

“Yeah mom, we’re thirsty.”

“Okay, but don’t come in here. I’ll be out there in a second.” She leaned down and hissed in my ear. “Don’t you fucking dare cum until I get back.”

I could see her putting her top back on, then she got up and left. While she talked to my sisters in the kitchen I worked my tongue on my cock head. I loved what I was doing to myself. It felt great. I had already tasted my sperm, so I had no fear of it. I moaned a little. I was trying to make myself cum, but the cord around the base of my cock kept me from it.

“Remember Mitch, don’t you cum until I get back out there.” Mom must have heard me.

“What’s Mitch doing?” asked Lorrie.

“Don’t you worry sweetie, he’s doing a secret job for me,” said Mom.

“Well he made a funny noise.”

“That’s because it’s a blowjob. Suck on it like straw Mitch.” I started sucking, which was even more amazing.

“Suck on what? What’s a blowjob? We want to see what he’s doing. We want to do it too.”

“No girls, it’s a secret. Go back out and play.”

Finally she got them back out the door. She suddenly appeared above me. She knelt down along my back and set her chin on my ass. I tried to reach up with my tied hands to touch her. She smacked my balls. “No, no, no. You don’t get to touch your Mother there. Now be nice.” She went back around so she was kneeling at my head again. She untied the loop from around my cock and retied it around my balls so I was still trapped. She started tugging on my balls with her left hand. Then she pushed the index and middle fingers of her right hand into my mouth next to my cock.

“Get them nice and wet.” She worked them around in my mouth. She pushed them back against my throat so I started to gag a little, then pulled them out. They were wet with spit. She rubbed the spit around my asshole, then put her fingers back in my mouth. The next time she worked her middle finger up my ass, then out. Back in my mouth they went. While she pushed her fingers down my throat, I saw her drool some spit down onto my asshole.

“There honey, see how I’m helping?” Her fingers came out of my mouth and both slipped smoothly up my ass. She started rubbing them against my insides. Her thumb started working against the skin between my legs. I could feel some part of my body that I didn’t know I had being massaged between them. I felt jolts like electricity. My entire body tensed. I felt like I was going to pull my balls off. Mom pushed down to keep my cock in my mouth, sinking her fingers even deeper. I was groaning around my cock. I could feel my cock head swell and the shaft pulse in my mouth. Each pulse sent a jet of cum across my tongue and the back of my throat. I sucked as hard as I could. I was exhausted when it was over. The back of my mouth was full of cum and spit. I couldn’t swallow because my cock was still in my mouth.

“Baby that was beautiful. I knew you could do it! Let me untie you so you can lay out flat. I have one more little surprise for you.” I groaned around my cock as she pulled her fingers out of my anus. She untied one end of the cord from around my balls. “Let me see the cum honey, then you can swallow.” I opened my mouth while I stretched out. Then she took my right leg and pulled my foot back up near my balls. She tied the cord off around by big toe.

“I wanted to make sure you couldn’t move until you saw the last surprise. Look at the window.” I looked at the living room picture window. Both sisters had their faces pressed against it.

“Sorry honey, I should have realized they would want to look. I should have shut the drapes, but now it’s done. I’m going to bring them in and explain what happened. Then I’m going to let them play with you if they want. Can you be a good boy and let that happen?”

“Uh sure mom.” I was still wrecked, and I would have agreed to anything. Besides, it sounded like it would be fun.

She brought the girls in and had them sit around me in a circle. Both girls were wearing little bikinis. The girls wanted to know 1) why was my thing in my mouth, 2) why did mom have her fingers up my butt, and 3) why was I tied up. Then she gave us all an explanation about the birds and the bees. We also learned about masturbation, orgasms, semen, blowjobs, testicles, the prostate gland, anal play, basically everything. We found out that when man can give himself a blowjob, it was called auto fellatio, and I was a lucky guy that I could do it. Mom had tied me up, she said, because she knew I wouldn’t put my cock in my mouth without her helping me. I was still tied up so the girls could play with me.

“So, who wants to be first?,” Mom asked. “Terry, why don’t you try. I’ll show you what to do. I’m going to have you masturbate Mitch so you can see him cum. Then you girls can see what his sperm looks like and taste it if you want.”

She put eleven year old Terry’s hand around my cock and showed her how to stroke it. I loved the look of her little hand around my cock. Within a few minutes I was moving my hips.

“See girls, that means he’s close to having an orgasm. Mitch, tell us when you start to cum so your sisters don’t miss anything. Terry, point his cock at his face.”

“Oh, Oh, okay Mom. . .” I was very close. Then I felt the rush of another incredible orgasm. “Oh, Terry, I’m cumming. . .”

The first jet of cum shot out of my cock and onto my face and chest. Both girls shrieked. Terry let go and pulled back. I started writhing on the floor with my first set of blue balls.

“Terry I knew you would do that. See what Mitch is doing? When a man starts to cum you have to let him finish, unless he’s been bad and needs to be punished. I wanted you girls to see what this looks like. Mitch, how do you feel?”

I could only groan like an idiot. I could feel the orgasm trying to finish, and it was driving me insane. I was humping the air trying cum. I could feel the cum in my cock. Some of it was dribbling out.
“Terry, Mitch has been good. He doesn’t deserve this. Now you finish your job right now.” Terry, wide eyed, shook her head no. Then Lorrie reached over and took my cock in her little hand. She started stroking. My back arched and my body shook. I felt an intense feeling of relief as my orgasm finished. The rest of my cum pulsed out onto Lorrie’s hand.

“Oh thank you Lorrie, thank you thank you,” I managed to say as I sagged back down on the carpet. Lorrie looked at her cum covered hand still wrapped around my cock. Then she did the most amazing thing. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked some cum off. She thought about it for a second, then licked the rest off. She looked like a little cat licking her paw. Then she put her hand around the base of my still hard cock and held it so it was pointing straight up. She bent over and started licking it. She looked at Mom while she was doing it.

“Lorrie, what a good girl you are! See how good you made Mitch feel? What do you think about his cum?”
“It’s salty but good Mommy. I like it a lot. Can I put his thing in my mouth?”

“It’s called a cock and yes you can baby. Terry, you need to come over here and taste some of Mitch’s semen.”

Terry crawled over and hesitantly scooped some cum off my chest. She looked at it in her hand. “Mom, I don’t think I want to. It came out of his pee hole.”

“Honey I won’t force you. But you do need to help clean up Mitch’s cum. Use your fingers to clean it off his chest and face and feed it to him.”

I licked cum off Terry’s fingers while Mom moved over where Lorrie was. Lorrie had her mouth around the head of my cock but she wasn’t really doing anything except lick and chew it a little. I was groaning and moving my hips to get more cock in her mouth, but she wasn’t really cooperating. Mom put her hand on the back of Lorrie’s head.

“Give me your hands honey. Now, let Mitch push his cock in your mouth until you choke a little. I won’t let him hurt you. Mitch, go slow and stop when she starts to choke. Lorrie sweetie, when you absolutely can’t take any more bite down on Mitch’s cock so he stops. Bite hard so you leave marks.”

Mom had Lorrie’s wrists trapped behind her back. She pushed down on Lorrie’s head while I pushed up my hips. A surprising amount of cock went into her mouth before she started to gag and bite down. Mom relaxed her hand and let Lorrie pull her mouth away. There was a clear set of teeth marks about 3 inches down the shaft.

“Good job, baby. Terry, why don’t you see if you can do better?”

Terry crawled over next to Lorrie. Mom took the end of the cord and tied the base of my cock again. “We have to make sure this stays hard for your sisters, honey.” Then she trapped Terry’s wrists behind her back and put a hand on her head. Terry looked like she was being forced to take medicine, but down she went on my cock. Her eyes were squeezed shut. I felt my cock head hit the roof of her mouth, but then she moved her head and took more in. Then Mom pulled up on her wrists to get some leverage. She nodded to me and pushed down hard on Terry’s head. I thrust my hips up. Terry gagged and struggled. She bit down hard. The pain was really intense. I tried to pull away, but Mom just pushed her head so she followed my cock. Terry opened her mouth to try and breathe around my cock, and Mom took that chance to push down harder. Terry bit down again and I could tell that she had more cock in her mouth this time. Terry was struggling but Mom was too strong.

“Terry, calm down right now. I know you can take more of Mitch’s cock.” Terry started to calm down a little, but I could tell she was starting to cry. “Lorrie, pinch her nose shut, so she can’t breathe. Do it now! Terry, don’t you struggle! Be a good girl!”

Lorrie did what she was told. Terry started to squirm again but Mom hauled up on her wrists harder. After a bit Terry opened her mouth again to try and breathe and Mom pushed her face further down on my cock. I could feel my cockhead pushing into her throat.

“Okay honey, bite down now.” Terry bit hard. Boy did it hurt. “Grind your teeth sweetie so you make a mark.” It really did feel like she was trying to chew my cock off. Then Mom let go and Terry jerked back. She was bawling like a baby. Mom gathered her up and stroked her while she cried. Mom was looking at my cock.

“Terry sweetie you were such a good girl. Look what you did!” Mom grabbed my cock head and started moving my cock so the girls could see everything. There were now four sets of teeth marks on my cock. Three sets were Terry’s, and each one went further down the cock shaft. The last set was probably about 4 1/2” down the shaft. And, it was bleeding. Terry had bit my cock hard enough to break the skin.

“Oh honey, that’s a beautiful job. Lorrie, do you want to try again? Let me show you girls something first.”

Mom bent over and licked the blood off my cock. Then, she slid her mouth down the shaft. All the way down. She had to work her mouth around, but I felt the head pop into her throat and her chin hit my balls. I couldn’t help but push my hips up. She bit down, and I could feel her teeth right at the base. I could feel her gagging on my cock, but she kept it there. Her body was jerking a little as she gagged, but she was chewing as hard as Terry. She pulled her mouth off. Right at the base of my cock was a new set of bleeding marks. I could tell that Mom was really excited by what she had done.

“See girls, I know you can take more cock if you try. Mitch honey, first I’m going to bite your balls. Be brave now.” She bent back down and sucked my balls into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around them. Then she pulled back and let them pop out. As soon as they popped out she trapped some skin between her front teeth. She looked at me as she bit down hard. I tried to jerk back but immediately saw it wouldn’t work. I had to lay there and watch my mom bite the skin until she drew blood. As soon as she could taste it she let go. Then she untied the loops around my cock and my toe. She helped me get up and sit on the couch. She knelt between my legs and licked the blood off my balls and cock.

“Lorrie, come over here and sit between your brother’s legs.” Lorrie came right over. “I’m going to help you beat your sister’s record, then you are going to make Mitch cum in your mouth. Is that okay?” Lorrie nodded her head. “Give me your hands. Hmm, just a second.” She looked around. “Terry, take off your bottoms.”

“Mommy, no way.”

“Terry honey, you’ve been a real pain. Now take them off now! Take your top off too.”

Terry slipped off her bikini. The bottom tied at the sides. Mom untied them and used the cords to tie Lorrie’s elbows together behind her back. Then she used the top to tie Terry’s wrists behind her. Then she had Terry sit on the couch next to me, Indian style. She took the end of the shoelace that was still tied to my balls and used it to tie Terry’s ankles together. She had to tug on my balls to get enough cord, but when she was done Terry was laying against my right side with her knees spread and her ankles tied to my balls. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hairless little slit. Lorrie was still between my legs.

“Perfect. Okay honey, I’m going to bend Mitch’s cock down so it’s pointed right at you. See, my fingers are right here at Terry’s record. When you feel my fingers you just need to do a little bit more and you’re the big winner! Ready?”

Lorrie’s answer was to move forward and slip her mouth over my cock. Mom put her free hand on the back of her head and helped push. I felt my cock lodge in the back of her little mouth. There was still at least an inch to go to match Terry’s mark. I could feel my cock start to tingle.

“Baby, stand up and put your butt in the air so you can tip your head back. Wonderful.” Lorrie managed to stand up with my cock still in her mouth. As her head tipped back I could suddenly feel a passage opening in her throat. Mom pushed and Lorrie’s lips went right to the fingers on my cock. Mom took her hand off my cock and grabbed Lorrie’s chin and neck. She tipped Lorrie’s head back even further and then pushed her face down on my cock. I couldn’t believe it. Most of my cock had disappeared in my sister’s mouth.
“Don’t bite yet baby, I know you can do better.” Mom kept the palm of her hand on Lorrie’s chin and pinched her nose shut. Lorrie’s eyes were bulging, and she tried to open her mouth to breathe. Mom gave one last push and another ½ inch went down Lorrie’s throat. She was gagging and squirming. The stimulation on my cock was incredible. I was close to another orgasm. I started thrusting as best I could.

“Relax, honey. You can bite down now. Don’t cum yet Mitch.” Mom relaxed the pressure and let most of my cock slip out of Lorrie’s mouth. We could all see her bite marks. She was only an inch from the base.
“Beautiful sweetie. Now I want you to suck on Mitch’s cock like it was a straw. Move your tongue around on it too. Mitch you can move your cock in her mouth as much as you can. There you go. Fuck Lorrie’s mouth. Fuck your sister’s mouth. Cum baby, you can cum!”

Mom held Lorrie’s face in place while I emptied my load. I couldn’t believe I was shooting cum into my ten year old sister’s mouth! This was my strongest orgasm yet. I shook as I tried to push my cock back down her throat. The last jet of cum hit her tongue and I sagged back to the couch. Mom pushed Lorrie’s head down to follow me. She kept Lorrie’s mouth around my cock while I calmed down. I could see cum and spit start to dribble out of the corners of her mouth. Finally Mom let her go. My cock slapped back against my belly when it popped out of her mouth. Lorrie rested her head on my thigh and looked at my cock while she swallowed. Then she moved up and licked my cock clean.

Mom untied the girls and let Terry get dressed again. Then she untied me and told me to go to my room and rest. I pulled on a pair of shorts, crawled up into my bunk and tried to sleep. After a few minutes I realized I was still too horny. I got out of bed, dropped my shorts and went back out to the living room. Mom and the girls were watching tv. “What is it honey,” said my Mom, “are you still excited?”

I walked over and sat next to Mom. I started stroking my cock. She hugged me. They all watched me masturbate. My cock was really sore so it took a long time. I started to get close. “Bend over sweetie and take it in your mouth.” I realized I could get the head in my mouth. I used my hand to rub my cock against my lips while I licked the head. I started to cum. I closed my mouth around my cock so I wouldn’t lose any cum. When I finished I leaned over against Mom’s legs. I laid there while we all watched tv. When we heard a car pull up I went to my room.

The next day, we were all doing chores in the yard. I went into the house to get a drink. Mom was on the phone in the living room. She poked her head up, saw it was me and resumed talking. I was curious. She said my name once, and I swore I heard her use the word “cock.” Then she arranged to meet someone Monday. After she hung up she called me over. She hugged me.

“Honey, I have a wonderful surprise for you Monday. I promise you’ll love it, but you have to promise me you won’t masturbate until then. Okay?”

“Sure Mom.”

“Okay, get out and finish your chores.”

Monday finally came. After lunch, Mom put my brother in charge of my two sisters and told me to come with her. As soon as we got outside she gave me several lengths of cord to carry. I was suddenly incredibly nervous. We walked several blocks over to a park. There were a bunch of people there, but Mom led me to a spot behind some bushes that was pretty secluded. I saw three guys staring at us as we ducked into the bushes.

“Get your clothes off and make your cock hard.” Even though I was so nervous I was shaking, I stripped. Mom watched me stroke my cock until it was hard. “That’s enough honey, now put your hands behind your back.” I had been sitting on the grass, so I rolled over on my stomach. Mom tied my elbows together so tight they were almost touching, then tied my wrists. She had me spread my legs, then tied a loop around my balls and another around my cock. Then she tied my ankles together. When I rolled over I saw those three guys looking at me. Two of them were huge. The third guy was a lot smaller and looked kind of like a girl. He was wearing shorts and a cut off T shirt that showed his abs.

“Mary, you were right, he looks beautiful,” said one of the big guys.

“Thank you Master. He’s not too young? Can you help me with him?”

“Yeah, absolutely. We can stake him out and teach him properly. Let’s do it. First, let me inspect your ropework. Have you told him what we expect from him?”

“No Master.”

Master came over and told me to roll back on my stomach. “Mary come over here. Do you see the way he’s already losing circulation in his arms? Let me teach you a better way.”

Master untied my arms and started over with new lengths of rope. He wrapped the rope several times around the wrists and elbows. When he was finished, I was just as helpless but there was less pressure. Then he rolled me over and used one piece of cord to tie off my cock and balls. Many, many loops went around the base of both my cock and balls. My cock was swollen and purple and my balls stretched out tight when he was done. I thought all the loops of cord looked really cool.

Master was trying to explain things to me as he worked. He was going to help my mother become a Mistress. Jim and Billy were two of his subs. I would become a sub to all of them. Today I would get to experience body worship, forced anal, breathe control and cbt. Master wanted to know if I had a safe word and what my pain threshold was.

“At this point I don’t think he should have a safe word. I’m his Mom. If it’s okay I’ll help you decide when to stop things. I’m not sure about his pain threshold. I know I’ve bitten his cock hard enough to draw blood.”

“Great idea Mary. At his age he’d probably be begging us to stop from the beginning. Let’s go get started. Billy, go open up the car. We’ll follow in a bit.”

The little guy ducked out. The other big guy (Jim) picked me up and carried me out. Mom and the other one kept close by and kind of shielded me from everyone else at the park. I think some people looked at us funny, but nobody could really see what was happening. We walked over to a car. It was a two door, and the passenger door was already open. Mom got in the back first, then the guy set me down and pushed me in after her. Billy was in the driver’s seat. Jim got in next to me, and the Master got in the other front seat. The guy next to me undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His huge cock was laying against one leg. It was pulsing as it started to harden. I couldn’t stop looking at him. His was the first adult cock I’d ever seen. It was as long as mine but much bigger around with veins that stood out and a mushroom head. I hadn’t really expected that much hair, it was everywhere – he even had some on his cock shaft. Between Mom and the guy, I was pushed down so my face was in his lap. I could smell him.

“No, no Bob, let me do it,” said Mom. “Open your mouth honey.” My mom reached over and grabbed the guys cock. She fed it to me. The guy groaned. He pushed on the back of my head with one hand and started to play with his balls with the other. His already huge cock was growing in my mouth. I could see the other two guys watching me.

“Boy, your job is to show Bob how much you love and appreciate his body. You have to kiss, lick and suck his cock and balls and anything else he wants. He’ll put your mouth where it needs to be. You worship whatever is in front of you with your lips and tongue.” This was the Master talking. The car started to move. I couldn’t see anything from where I was. Mom and the guy kept my head pressed down on his cock. I couldn’t swallow so I was drooling all over his crotch. He kept moving his hips just enough to move his cock head back and forth in my mouth. I could taste his salty cum leaking out.

After forever the car stopped. We were at the edge of the woods. We all piled out and they carried me into a little clearing. I could see a noose hanging from a tree branch and two more ropes attached to stakes on the ground underneath. My feet were untied and I was made to kneel between the two stakes. I could see Mom sitting on a nearby log, watching. It was close enough that she could reach over and touch me if she wanted. The Master came up in front of me and put his huge hands around my neck. He forced me to look up at him. Bob and Billy tied the two ropes around my knees, then started to pull. I had to start spreading my knees. The Master started kicking the inside of my thighs. As fast as I could I spread them wide. Bob and Billy tied the ropes off to the stakes. Then the Master slipped the noose over my neck.

“He’s ready Bob.” The noose pulled on my neck. It wasn’t enough to choke me but it sure held me in one spot. The Master held a sack open in front of my face, then dumped it out on the ground in front of me. Clothespins came spilling out past my eyes. All three guys knelt in front of me. The Master started attaching the clothespins to me while the others watched. First I felt two lines down the side of my body from my armpits to my hips. Then two more lines down the inside of my thighs. Some on each nipple, I think three. Then my balls. Then the shaft of my cock. It stayed hard because of the loop around the base. Finally I felt him put clothespins on my foreskin in a circle around my cock head. I felt burning lines of pain all over my body.

“Look at this Mary. Your boy’s wearing a little crown.” He gave my cock a little shake. I moaned while the pins rattled.

Mom started brushing her hands up and down the clothespins. “This is incredible. You are so right. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Mitch honey, you are beautiful.” She watched me squirm and moan from the pain.

Bob and the Master took the noose off my neck. One of them grabbed my wrists and pulled up and forward. They slipped the noose around my wrists, up to my elbows and pulled tight. I was levered over so I was hanging from my elbows with my ass in the air and my face inches from the ground. I could see the Master and Mom sitting on the log. I tipped my head down. I could see all the clothespins. I couldn’t believe how many there were. Then I saw Bob and Billy grab the cord attached to my cock and balls, pull it tight and tie it off to a stack. My cock was pulled straight down by the base. I couldn’t move anything but my head and toes.

“All right boys, it’s time. Billy, you get him ready back there. Bob, you better get your dick wet. Just remember his throat is mine.”

I felt Billy’s hands on my ass. Then I felt something soft and wet poke gently at my asshole. I focused on that feeling. It was awesome. I started to moan. I tried to look back to see what was happening.

“Honey that’s Billy’s tongue. Don’t you love it?” I looked at Mom and the Master. The Master had his pants open and Mom was holding his cock. It was so huge she couldn’t get her hand around it. I couldn’t believe he planned to put it in my mouth. Billy was licking my asshole. I saw Bob’s feet appear in front of me. His pants dropped down to his ankles. He knelt down. He yanked my head back. His big cock was rock hard and pointing at me. Billy started to push his tongue up my anus. I tried to push back. Bob pressed his cock into my mouth.

“Mitch, you need to get Bob’s cock as wet as you can. It’ll help later.” I tried my best to bathe his cock in spit. He moved it in and out of my mouth. I felt Billy slip two fingers up my asshole. He pulled my asshole wide, then pushed his tongue all the way up my anus. He wiggled it around. Bob pulled his cock out, spit on it and put it back in my mouth.

“That’s enough boys.” Bob pulled out and stood up. He shuffled around behind me and dropped to his knees between my legs. The Master was pulling his pants off over his shoes. Then he knelt down in front of my face. He started rubbing his huge cock on my cheeks. “Take it boy.” I opened my mouth. He forced it in. All I could do was hold my mouth as far open as possible. He worked it deeper in. Then I felt something push up against my ass. Instantly I knew it was Bob’s cock. The pain was incredible. I felt like I was being split open. I tried to pull away but the cord tied to my balls fixed me in place. The Master put his hands around my throat and squeezed. “Don’t move boy.” I felt my mom stroking my back. “Hold still honey.” Bob got a better grip on my hips and pushed. The pain got even worse, until I felt a little pop. His cock head was in.

“How you doin’ Bob?”

“Damn he’s tight. I don’t think I can hold out.”

“Well you better, god dammit. You better not fucking cum. Keep yourself under control. Boy, you know I’m next back there. You better do what’s right. I’m letting Bob go first to give you a chance. He’s loosening you up so I don’t destroy your little asshole.”

Despite what the Master said there was nothing I could do. His cock filled my mouth so full I couldn’t move my tongue around. My mouth was filling with spit. I hoped that was enough. Meanwhile Bob was slowing pushing his cock, bit by bit, deeper up my ass. His hands were kneading my hips painfully. He was moaning and panting like it was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

“I gotta stop. Any deeper and I’ll cum up his ass.”

“Okay dammit. Just hold it there.” The Master was pissed. He grabbed my ears and shoved his cock deeper. I started to gag and convulse. Mom started to say something but he told her to shut the fuck up. Then I felt Bob’s cock start to pull out.

“I can’t go any longer. You’re makin’ his little ass milk my cock. I’m gonna cum.”

“All right, get over here you fuckup.” The Master got up and moved around behind me. I felt him grab my hips. I could breathe again. Bob’s pants were still down around his ankles, so he was scooting on his knees around to my face. One hand was clamped tight around the base of his cock. I realized he was planning to put it in my mouth.

“Help him Billy.” Billy hauled my head back and pinched my nose shut. Bob was pushing his cockhead against my lips but they were clamped shut. Then the Master’s cock started to push into my ass. Even with it loosened up from Bob, the pain was twice as bad. I opened my mouth to scream, and Bob’s cock pushed in and down my throat. I started to gag. Bob’s cock shaft swelled even more and started to pulse against my tongue. I knew he was cumming. I felt his cum covering the back of my throat in waves, but it was so far back I couldn’t taste it. In the meantime the Master had taken a better grip on my hips. His cock pushed. My back arched. He continued to push, and his cock head slipped into my ass.

Everybody stopped for a second. Both men were breathing hard. Bob sagged back on his heels. His cock popped out of my mouth. I swallowed.

“Mission accomplished Bob. I’m in his ass. You were right, it is sooo tight. Billy, take over for Bob. We both need to slow this down. I want to ride his ass for a while.”

Bob moved back out of the way and Billy took his place. He was completely naked. His balls and legs were hairless. His cock was almost as big as Bob’s. He pulled my head back and kissed me. His tongue swirled around in my mouth. I sucked it like a good boy. He pulled back and whispered in my ear. “Be brave, lover boy. You’re almost done.” I groaned; the Master was pushing his cock in. Billy put his cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth for awhile, stroking into my throat and back out. Then he held it there while the Master pushed his cock further up into me. I could feel my insides rearranging to make room. I tried to concentrate on sucking Billy’s cock, but it was impossible. The Master was fucking my ass. Like Bob he had to stop occasionally and hold it in one spot.

“This little bastard is soo tight. Billy, finish up. I need his mouth.”

Billy started fucking my mouth again. I could see sweat on his abs and thighs. I looked up so I could watch him. Our eyes locked. I wanted him to feel good. I swirled my tongue around his cock head and sucked hard. Cum started pouring out. He sagged down over me. His cock pushed further in. “Don’t swallow lover, don’t swallow.” He pulled his cock out and kissed me again. His tongue and mine moved around in the cum and spit. Finally he broke the kiss and let me swallow.

The Master’s cock started to pull out of my ass. I knew he was next. Sure enough his monster cock appeared in front of me. I opened as wide as I could. By jerking his hips repeatedly he managed to lodge it deep in my mouth, back against my throat. I tried to suck, it was all I could do. He pinched my nose shut. At the same time I saw Mom reach over from the corner of my eye. She grabbed my cock and started to shake it. I was trying to scream and gag at the same time. That’s all it took. Jet after jet of hot cum flooded my mouth. My mouth was completely full of cock and cum. The Master was shaking and jerking as he finished his orgasm. Finally he calmed down and pulled his cock out. I swallowed his huge load. He pushed his cock back in and worked it around a little. I sucked and licked. It was slowly softening. He pulled out a stepped away.

All three men put their clothes on. “What do you want us to do, Mary?”

“Hogtie him and leave him here. You guys can take off. I’ll get the pins off and take him home.”

I ended up hogtied, halfway on my back and side with by head in Mom’s lap. She stroked my body with one hand, and gently played with my cock head with the other.

“In a minute honey, I’m going to take off these clothespins. It will really hurt. But when I’m done, I’m going to let you cum and then take you home.”

“Then what, Mom?”

“Oh I don’t know. I’ll think of something.”

And she did.




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