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The Project She could be his executioner

   Laura was a beautiful woman John is handcuffed to a tree

   Read only if you are considered an adult in your country and  do not mind reading sometimes violent erotica

On this quiet, long sunny evening in late August, John came to the realization his life was only left in hours... maybe minutes. He hadn't been shot... suffered a disease... been hit by a car. In fact it was at this moment John accepted the fact he was merely a victim of fate... and science.

John was handcuffed to a tree... in the middle of a large field. Large enough that no one was around for miles. It sat along a green meadow that took a horse ride to get to. And laying nearby, calmly reading a book and smoking a cigarette, was Laura.

Laura was a beautiful woman... and in the end, could become John's executioner. She was perched on a blanket, with a picnic basket, an empty bottle of wine. She was 29... a college graduate who had gone back to school to get her Master's in behavioural science. She had long soft curly brown hair that flowed past her shoulders... spoke softly, and might be the last person you would expect to do something like this.

"This" began as a thesis... she was particularly fascinated by how much male humans would do for sexual contact. High school kids beating up other kids to impress girls... Young college boys willing to drug dates to get what they wanted... young adult men risking disease by sleeping with the first cute girl they met. So the question became... just how far would a man go to have sex.

Mind you, Laura was no cheerleader... no big breasted blonde babe. In fact she was rather mousy, and choosy who she went out with. Except when it came to her thesis. She started by picking up guys in the bars around campus. Younger guys were easy prey for a woman just old enough to seduce them, but young enough to be considered attractive to them.

Her sexual sessions were perfectly adequate. The men always came first. Just because she wasn't a bimbo didn't mean she couldn't fuck well. To her it was merely research. Granted it was fun research, but it was work. She would make each man do something to prove how much he wanted to have her. She made one young man get a tattoo, another shave all his body hair (head too), another call his male roommate and express his attraction to him (Laura assured her partner he could laugh it all with his roommate the next day... knowing that was impossible).

In each case, she would first ask the men flat out "What are you willing to do to fuck me?" Each man, in one form or another, basically answered "anything." With each encounter, Laura decided to push the envelope further and further, until she met John.

John was also a little older... 27... two years her junior. But he had a decent body... ran regularly and worked out often. Laura and John got to know each other in her Master's classes. Laura was a sweet person to get along with, but had anyone really gotten to know her, they would learn she really didn't have feelings for people. She would later tell John that no one knew as a child, she watched a boy drown in a lagoon. She was all alone, knew no one else was around, and wanted to take in the spectacle. To say she didn't have feelings for people meant she felt no guilt watching someone else's demise.

A fascination that extended to the thesis... and the crowning achievement of her project. As part of her "research," she asked John what his turn ons and turn offs were. She used these to set up her... "laboratory."

One weekend, she invited John to a day of picnicking in the hills above town. A popular spot, but she knew hidden areas no one else ventured into. John gladly accepted. On Saturday morning, she picked John up in her jeep, carrying lunch in the picnic basket, some books, the blanket, and the wine. She wore a light blue sundress and tall black leather boots for riding her horse. It was kept at a stable nearby.

"How romantic" John thought to himself... and how awkward. Usually he took the initiative on dating. The pair saddled up and rode into the countryside. Once there, they roped the horse to a tree and set up their picnic.

As the two began eating, Laura started flirting, playing with the neck of the bottle of wine, crossing her legs back and forth, laughing about sexual exploits of her youth. And all the while, she poured the red wine for John. Knowing he enjoyed it, she picked out an expensive brand from a rare vintage year. He laughed, she laughed. He drank... she didn't. Soon, he started getting sleepy. Drunk he thought, but he always carried his alcohol with no problem. Laura came over, layed his head on her lap, and encouraged him to relax and rest. "We have all day" she whispered. "I want you to save your energy for when you wake up lover" she said.

About an hour later, he did wake up... not the way he expected. Handcuffed to that tree... stripped naked. And there was Laura, laying on the blanket. John laughed and joked "I didn't know you were this kind of girl!" "Oh really? What kind?" Laura responded. "You know, tie me up... have your way with me." John smiled... "Are you going to punish me for being a bad boy?" he wisecracked.

"No" she smiled, lighting a cigarette, walking over slowly and speaking softly as she got close to his face... "I'm going to kill you."

"What the hell are you talking about? Come on!" John continued. Laura sat back down and read aloud some of the findings from her research. Detailing bit by bit her past lovers, and what they did to have sex with her, John stopped laughing and started speaking seriously... "Joke's over Laura! Let me go!" "No," Laura calmly responded again "You see,
the project has already started. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, which I don't really." "WHAT project!" John yelled, starting to sweat and struggle against the cuffs and leg shackles. He then notices a video camera on a tripod, near where the horse is tied up.

"The wine was poisoned" she matter-of-factly began. "It contains a drug which slowly increases your pulse. By this time tomorrow, your body will no longer be able to take it. You will suffer a heart attack... and at some point after that, you will die."

John now realized she was serious. She walked over, ran her fingers across his hair and asked "Do you feel it? Can you feel your heartbeat going up?" She smiled as she ran her nails down to his exposed chest. "I can" she smiled. "And I can feel this too..." she continued, as she reached down and stroked his penis, bringing it to instant erection. He tried to fight that feeling, but couldn't. And he had good reason to... his heart rate jumped even faster.

"So as long as you don't think about fucking me, you should survive the day. If you'd like to fuck me now, or at anytime, you can do that too. Just say the word and I will come over, straddle you, and let you have sex with me. Of course, you'll have a massive heart attack, but you just might come before you go" she explained as coldly as a machine.

"But you CAN'T!!! HELP!!!" John screamed. Laura did not try to stop him, nor respond to him. Merely laying back down, reading her books, and smoking. Eventually, John calmed down, knowing it would buy him time. Through it all, Laura maintained her demeanor... smiling as she talked, offering food and drink to her dying captive. Making small talk every so often about how beautiful the area was. She appeared to be oblivious to the fact she was killing a healthy human being, except for the occasional notations in her notepad, documenting his occasional pleading.

Every so often, she would talk dirty to him, asking what he found most attractive. At one point, he commented, apparently resigned to his fate, about her biceps. She was quite flattered, telling him how she worked out more than two hours a day, mostly on upper body strength. "Wait!" she said, "Let me go put on my army outfit!" "Army?" John asked. She went to her bag, then changed in a nearby bush, returning decked out in an olive green tank top green camoflage pants and Doc Marten boots. "When were you in the service" John inquired. "Oh, I wasn't!" Laura laughed, "I just wear this when I want to feel strong... you know, show off my muscle." The two laughed... captor and prisoner. And John got hard again... getting angry the moment he realized he had an erection again. "GOD DAMN IT!! What are you trying to do to me!!! LET ME GO!!!" he demanded.

Laura smiled again, and without mercy, or glee, or any sense of thinking through his request, repeated herself... "No." She was polite, even-tempered, but she was also going to kill him. The lack of any emotion stayed in full force.

The notations continued...

"4:16 p.m..... begins sobbing uncontrollably. I look at him without reaction, then return to reading."

"5:45... offers me cash for his release. I politely thank him, but decline the offer."

"6:03... accuses me of being a lesbian. I respond by saying I have had affairs with women, and would be happy to tell him all about it. He quickly realizes it will arouse him and uses an expletive toward me. I note the return of his erection, which lasts until about 6:15. I told him the story about the boy who drowned in the lagoon so he knew I was serious about watching him die."

"7:03... finally asks what I was waiting to hear... Why am I doing this? I explain to him that I want to see what's more important to him, his desire to have sex with me, or his will to live. He knows intercourse with me will induce heart failure, yet he occasionally grows aroused and flirts with me, quitting only when I flirt back."

"8:45... he has lasted longer than I expected. But sure enough, the request comes. 'Laura,' he asks 'Please fuck me.' I walk over, cup his chin, and kiss him softly, asking 'Is there anything else you want to say? You won't survive this, you know?' 'No,' he responds to me... I accept my fate. I know you wanted to see if I would do it... would give up my life to have sex with a beautiful woman. The answer is yes.'"

Laura wasted no time, pawing his body, digging her nails into his back, screaming and moaning like never before. Both because she was truly aroused, and because she wanted John to come forcefully, in his pure raw uninhibited form. She bit and licked pumped his cock hard, said all sorts of teasing things to him like "From now on, when I masturbate, I will play this tape over and over... watching you struggle to resist my fruits... OHHHH!!!! MMMMMMM!!!!! Oh John, HARDER!!" John pumped away... Laura's body standing upright as she grabbed hold of John's hard body and pleasured herself at his expense. Soon John felt himself about to explode.., and his heart pumping at an incredible rate. Just before he came, Laura shoved something in front of his mouth... "Take a whiff, lover... they're my soaked panties!!" At which point John yelled "NO!!!" as Laura screamed "YES!!!!!" He exploded inside her, and before he knew it... passed out.

Heaven looked a lot like that meadow to John... except for the fact he was now unshackled... and for that note he found taped to his chest. It read...

"Dear lover...

Congratulations... you survived. As I knew you would. That wasn't poison... merely a sedative to put you to sleep, followed by a shot of adrenaline to wake you up and increase your heart rate. You didn't pass out because of a bad heart... I put chloroform on the panties. I never watched a boy drown in a lagoon... in fact I saved my little brother
from a backyard pool.

But I had to make all this seem real to get the best results. Don't worry... I won't use your name. As for the videotape, by the time you read this, several of my friends will have copies. If any harm comes to them or me, the tapes go public on campus. Now start walking east about three miles, and you will find a ride back to town. But you might want to pick up some leaves along the way! Make sure you have some cover! :))

See you at school, love. Oh by the way, what shall we do for our second date?




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