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Here is another contract although it is more fantasy than reality, it is not advisable for anyone to consider a contract of this sort, the above 3 are far more practical in real life than this one.



 It affirms that this agreed long term relationship/lifestyle will always primarily be D/s & that  this agreed long term relationship will always include both Vanilla & BDSM.

it affirms that it being D/s means that it will always be permanently owned by its Goddess & that it will always love, obey, serve, worship, adore, amuse & suffer for its Owner. it affirms that She will always be in charge & in total control at all times, both indoors & out, & it will always obey all Her orders & follow all Her rules at all times. it affirms that, even during Vanilla mode, that all the rules will always still apply no matter what & it will always be obedient, humble, polite, respectful, sincere, honest, trustworthy, faithful, loyal & devoted at all times. it affirms that it is a true believer in Human Supremacy (Male &/or Female) & honestly believes that all Humans (Male &/or Female) are Superior to it, including the whole entire Superior Society in the outside world of our relationship. it affirms that it is & will always be Your inferior subhuman slave property that also exists to suffer extreme cruelty & severe abuse as much as possible at all times, but while also acknowledging that any Vanilla part of the relationship is just only an earned privilege. it affirms that during Vanilla mode it will include friendship love, commitment. it affirms that it will always be kept in minimal clothing when ever outdoors in public as much as possible at all times without any change-of-clothes, nap sack, ID & house keys  & depending on what we ever do outdoors & where ever we go will always determine what level of minimal clothing will apply during each of those times. Example: it having to always casually wear short-shorts, tank-top, flip-flops to do things like running outside errands food shopping, laundry etc) taking long walks, shopping-malls, movies, tanning at public places, vacationing etc, but normal clothes like for romantic dates together, going out to dinner, visiting relatives, etc. it affirms that as a subhuman, whether in either Vanilla or BDSM  mode, that it will always be permanently owned for life in an inescapable 24-7/365 predicament with no possible way out, no human rights, no property, no ID, clothing, etc it will own nothing. it affirms that the BDSM part of the relationship can include its Goddess Owner Girlfriend/Wife being a very open-minded, creative, playfully &/or seriously bossy, verbally abusive aggressive demanding strict cruel merciless sadistic Superior Bitch & that it can also include it being completely naked & totally helpless at all times, including: Mistress/slave, Female Domination, CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male), forced nudity when indoors, forced Masturbation to the point of being painful. Frequent verbal Abuse and verbal humiliation. Face slapping and Sitting which includes ass smothering and of course body worship where you will be trained to please the Mistress or suffer the consequences. Foot and shoe worship, the higher the heel the more powerful the Dominatrix. Oral Servitude as in body worship mentioned before. The controlling of your orgasms through orgasm control, teasing & denial whilst you are in bondage and helpless. Enforced chastity so that you cannot achieve an erection or orgasm without the permission of the Mistress. Cuckolded slave, Cream pie, forced feminization and forced sissification, you will be feminized so that you lose all of your male ego and machoness, you will become what the Mistress desires. Role reversal strap-on sex and forced bi, your sexuality is what the Mistress decides so if She decides that you are bi-sexual then it shall be so. Frequent bondage sessions, tight and inescapable including heavy discipline sometimes, corporal punishment in old English fashion, OTK over the knee spanking. Whipping and caning with various implements from whips and crops to paddles or any instrument that the Mistress desires to use. CBT cock and ball torture to remind you that you are owned, TT, being kept in a cage, caging. All domestic duties & chores are to be carried out by the slave to the highest standards. Long term confinement which may encompass prolonged isolation. Your outside contact will be limited and you may not venture outside without permission. You will be dehumanization objectified and degraded. Your face and body will be spat on and pissed on as in golden showers. You will always wear a steel collar and be on a short leash wearing a leather hood. Nipple clamps will be used to install pain and discipline into your life. As well as strapons butt plugs will be used and not allowed to be removed without permission, Thigh to wrist restraints and more secure iron shackles in heavy chains. You will sometimes be kept in a small lockable metal dog cage and be forced to eat from a dog bowl while being severely beaten. Torture will be part of your daily life and can also include rough rape. Beatings to its naughty dick, forced milking torture with nonstop repeated multiple orgasms, full use of both holes, forced dildo sucking, face fucking whilst wearing a dildo gag and ass rimming. The ass of the Mistress is sacred. hard ass kicking. The Mistress may use dick grabbing or dick slapping to punish your naughty penis. Public humiliation in various ways that have yet to be decided on or dreamed up by the Mistress. Being teased, tormented & ridiculed by superior women, Mistress and her friends. Basically treated like an animal indoors & always smirked & giggled at outdoors for looking so pathetic & helpless while it knows that it will be immediately beaten all over again as soon as it returns back to its Owner’s dungeon – all of the above for the amusement of its Owner…but still always serious & safe with trust only.

Implements: hand, belt, whip, cane, leather paddle, crop, & strap only

Targets: its naughty ass & dick, thighs back

Positions: otk, tied spread-eagled to bed, suspended upside down, wooden horse, rack, etc.

Results: squirming, struggling, extreme redness, welts (but no blisters, bruises, permanent damage, etc).

Expectations: no limits, no mercy, constant suffering, tears & crying.

 The Permanent Ownership will start immediately, prior to live-in all the property its uses/wears will now belong to its Owner, its current employment is only a temporary earned privilege, & once live-in it will no longer have any privileges or any access to its own money, but with all its former property always kept in a locked room & only returned back to it if its an emergency, etc.  Punishment for ever not fully abiding to anything in this Contract is Brutal Punishment, although Severe Punishment can still be used for the amusement of its Owner at any other times. A more serious penalty for ever attempting any escape from this Contract can lead to extreme consequences, such as real blackmail (NOT for money) but basically using photos & its personal information. This contract is binding with No Cancellations no matter what – even if it ever regrets it later, including the punishment & penalty already described above, at the very least. Once signed, it is Permanently Owned forever & for the rest of its whole entire life - period.


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